Newsletter : April 3rd, 2018

9781788544290Big GunsIsrael Steve16.50HEAD OF ZEUS
9781787330788Dead Men's TrousersWelsh Irvine14.50Vintage
9781784973186Disappeared TheBox C. J.16.50HEAD OF ZEUS
9781408895993Guernsey Literary Film Tie InBarrows Annie9.50BLOOMSBURY
9781408893319HappinessForna Aminatta15.60BLOOMSBURY
9781786073327LolaLove Melissa Scrivner10.80ONEWORLD
9780712352659Mapping the HeavensWhitfield Peter18.10BRIT LIBRARY
9780571336333Madonna of The Mountains TheValmorbida Elise14.50FABER & FABER
9781611855074Miss BurmaCriag Charmaine9.99Atlantic
9781788542104Theo: One Love Two StoriesProwse Amanda13.50HEAD OF ZEUS
9780241207116Trick to Time TheWaal Kit de14.50HAMILTON (HAMISH)
9781785760914UltimaHilton LS14.50BONNIER
9781780747217UnitHolmqvist Ninni10.85Oneworld
9781409172635After Wife TheHunter Cass16.50ORION
9781509852215American WarAkkad Omar El9.99MACMILLAN
9781786073358Boy Who Belonged to the Sea TheTheriault Denis10.80ONEWORLD
9781846974519Fatty O'Leary's Dinner PartyMcCall Smith Alexander9.60POLYGON
9781409145844Memory Shop TheGriffin Ella9.50ORION
9780062795786Beautiful Days: StoriesOates Joyce Carol21.50HARPER COLLINS WORLD
9781509853908Dear Mrs BirdPearce AJ14.50MACMILLAN
9781408888032Silent Companions The: A ghost stoPurcell Laura9.50BLOOMSBURY
9781509840076Pearl Sister TheRiley Lucinda8.99MACMILLAN
Crime & Thriller
9781781257685Bluebird BluebirdLocke Attica9.60Profile
9781788545655Girl in the Moon TheGoodkind Terry16.50HEAD OF ZEUS
9781409168805HangmanCole Daniel16.50ORION
9781786694041Room by the Lake TheDibdin Emma8.99HEAD OF ZEUS
9781509843343TestimonyTurow Scott9.99MACMILLAN
9781786698025When I Wake UpJarlvi Jessica8.99HEAD OF ZEUS
Science Fiction & Fantasy
9781509886531City & The City The: TV tie-inMieville China9.99MACMILLAN
9781786699541Seven SurrendersPalmer Ada9.99HEAD OF ZEUS
Irish Interest / Irish Published
9781788490245Piu' Belle Leggende Irlandesi LeMassey Eithne4.99O'BRIEN PRESS
9780954562038SummerhouseMulkerns Val11.95451 EDITIONS
9781781998380There Was A Crooked ManHogan Cat9.99POOLBEG
9781781998205Tide BetweenCollins Olive9.99POOLBEG
9781847179470Titanic: Captivating Stories of herPierce Nicola10.99O'BRIEN PRESS
9781847179593Hell or Some Worse Place: Kinsale 1Ekin Des12.99O'BRIEN PRESS
9780544944831Immortal IrishmanEgan Timothy15.60MELIA
9780953997473Tracing Your Roscommon AncestorsHamrock John13.00FLYLEAF PRESS
9781788490276Croagh Patrick Place of PilgrimageHughes Harry9.99O'BRIEN PRESS
9781786050502Debating the Eighth: Repeal or RetaO'Riordan Conor17.00Orpen PRESS
Non Fiction
9780198821250Who We Are and How We Got Here: AncReich David24.10OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS
9781781256367Rainforest: Dispatches from Earth'sJuniper Tony20.50Profile
9781788542807Wisdom of Trees The: A MiscellanyAdams Max11.50HEAD OF ZEUS
9781604337419101 Ways to Work with an AssholeHarry Lou12.05CIDER MILL PRESS
9781786854926Top Tips for WeddingsEdwards Vicky8.40SUMMERSDALE
9780141392493Zoo of the New PBLaird & Paterson15.60PENGUIN BOOKS
9781786852700For the Love of BooksTarrant Graham12.00SUMMERSDALE
9781472942753Dark Stuff The: Stories from the PMurray Donald S20.50BLOOMSBURY
9781509847709Move Fast and Break Things: How FacTaplin Jonathan10.80MACMILLAN
9781509814190New Power: How It's Changing The 21Heimans Jeremy18.10MACMILLAN
The Arts
9780714863917Art and FeminismReckitt Helena18.00PHAIDON PRESS
978379138361350 Women Artists You Should KnowWeidemann Christiane18.10PRESTEL VERLAG
9781858945644Danger! Women Artists at WorkMancoff Debra N.30.05MERRELL
9783836569767What Great Paintings Say: Faces of12.00TASCHEN
9783836569675What Great Paintings Say: Italian R12.00TASCHEN
9780500204054Women Art and Society (5th EditionChadwick Whitney18.00THAMES & HUDSON
9781452152363Broad Strokes: 15 Women Who Made ArQuinn Bridget26.50Chronicle
Health, Mind, Body & Spirit
9781781807507Choice for Love The: Entering intoAngelis Barbara De15.65Hay House
9780762461738Zen Science: Stop and Smell the UniJavna John12.05RUNNING PRESS
9780008292591Unicornucopia: The Little Book of UDoyle Caitlin11.50HARPER COLLINS
9781911130604How to Live in the WoodsCasucci & Martin12.00MODERN BOOKS
9780738753263Clutter Intervention: How Your StufMorris Tisha19.30LLEWELLYN
9781788039628Family Game How Sport Can HelpGaffney Paul15.70MATADOR
9781912023516Shinrin-yoku: The Japanese Way of FMiyazaki Yoshifumi14.99ASTER
9781409176282Autism: How to raise a happy autistHewitson Jessie18.10ORION
9780241299913Venice: Four Seasons of Home CookinNorman Russell29.99HAMILTON (HAMISH)
9781409171287Dirty Diet The: Ditch the guilt lHarrison Kate10.80ORION
Auto/Biography & Memoir
9781509891160Stable Lass: Riding out and muckingHogg Gemma16.50MACMILLAN
9781846045738Sun Does ShineHinton Anthony Ray14.50Rider
9781473671256100 Nasty Women of History: BrilliaJewell Hannah22.90HODDER
9781785900426Architects of DeathBartlett Karen24.10BITEBACK
9780241349649Salt Path TheWinn Raynor17.50HAMILTON (HAMISH)
9781781259979Civilisations: First Contact / TheOlusoga David17.50Profile
9781452153933Bad Girls Throughout HistoryShen Ann18.10Chronicle
9781786070586Dictator Literature: A History of DKalder Daniel20.50ONEWORLD
9781509866014Escaping Hitler: Heroic True StorieHalls Monty10.80MACMILLAN
9781781858929Templars TheJones Dan11.50Head of Zeus
9788854412446My Baptism AlbumVeronesi Elena10.00WHITE STAR
9788854412453My Communion AlbumVeronesi Elena10.00WHITE STAR
Current Affairs & Issues
9781473690707Dear Madam President An Open LetterPalmierie Jennifer14.99HODDER
9781849049535Migrant Refugee Smuggler SaviourTinti Peter15.60Hurst
9781409172833When Likes Aren't Enough: A Crash CBono Tim14.99ORION
9781408306802ABC Animal Rhymes for You and MeAndreae Giles8.40ORCHARD
9781408881019Goat's CoatPercival Tom8.40BLOOMSBURY
9781408897621Olobob Top: Let's Visit the OlobobsHodgkinson Leigh8.40BLOOMSBURY
9781787004382555 Sticker Fun SportsOver Roger7.20TOP THAT
9781509851690Hansel and GretelTaylor Dan7.20MACMILLAN
9781509851683Sleeping BeautyTaylor Dan7.20MACMILLAN
9781509880126Tidy: Book and CD PackGravett Emily9.80MACMILLAN
9781523501410Turn This Book into a BeehiveBrunelle Lynn18.10MELIA
9781405285254Molly? s Magic Wardrobe: Search forGuillain Adam7.99EGMONT
9781910851456My Incredible Knitting NanaBlyth Rowena7.99FOURTH WALL
9781911509196Science Experiments at HomeMartineau S8.99BSMALL
9781405289566Thomas & Friends: My Thomas Potty BEgmont Publishing UK8.99EGMONT
9781406378863Town Is by the SeaSchwartz Joanne9.60WALKER
9781509850976When Grandad Was a PenguinHood Morag8.40MACMILLAN
Childs & Yng Adult Fiction
9781408887066Chocolate Factory Ghost TheO'Connell David7.20BLOOMSBURY
9781408897058Earth My Butt and Other Big RoundMackler Carolyn9.60BLOOMSBURY
9781405288446Exact Opposite of Okay TheSteven Laura8.99EGMONT
9781408869444Lady MaryWorsley Lucy8.40BLOOMSBURY
9781509876433RenegadesMeyer Marissa8.99MACMILLAN
9781405291781Restore MeMafi Tahereh8.99EGMONT
9781405284011Sam and Ilsa's Last HurrahCohn Rachel8.99EGMONT
9781405289221Star Wars Last Jedi Junior NovelKogge Michael7.99EGMONT
9781785301612StarfishBowman Akemi Dawn8.99BLACK & WHITE
9781408884553Kid Normal and the Rogue HeroesJames Greg8.30BLOOMSBURY
9781910945346Mr Lofa (Mr Stink)Walliams David9.95FUTA FATA
9781405291279Every Day (Film Tie-in Edition)Levithan David8.99EGMONT
9781444014815List of Real Things TheMoore Fitzgerald Sarah8.30ORION
Childlren's Fict & Graphic Novels
9780752846583Asterix: Asterix And The Actress: AUderzo Albert9.65ORION
9780752875484Asterix: Asterix And The Falling SkUderzo Albert9.65ORION
9780752866055Asterix: Asterix The Gaul: Album 1Goscinny Rene9.65ORION
9780752866116Asterix: Asterix The Gladiator: AlbGoscinny Rene9.60ORION
9780752866215Asterix: Asterix The Legionary: AlbGoscinny Rene9.60ORION
9780752866468Asterix: Asterix and Caesar's Gift:Goscinny Rene9.60ORION
9780752866079Asterix: Asterix and Cleopatra: AlbGoscinny Rene9.65ORION
9780752847788Asterix: Asterix and Obelix All atUderzo Albert9.65ORION
9781444000955Asterix: Asterix and Obelix's BirthGoscinny Rene9.60ORION
9780752847757Asterix: Asterix and Son: Album 27Uderzo Albert9.65ORION
9780752866093Asterix: Asterix and the Banquet: AGoscinny Rene9.65ORION
9780752866178Asterix: Asterix and the Big Fight:Goscinny Rene9.65ORION
9780752847740Asterix: Asterix and the Black GoldUderzo Albert9.65ORION
9780752866291Asterix: Asterix and the Cauldron:Goscinny Rene9.65ORION
9780752866253Asterix: Asterix and the Chieftain'Goscinny Rene9.65ORION
9780752866406Asterix: Asterix and the Class Act:Goscinny Rene9.65ORION
9780752866130Asterix: Asterix and the Golden SicGoscinny Rene9.65ORION
9780752866154Asterix: Asterix and the Goths: AlbGoscinny Rene9.65ORION
9780752866482Asterix: Asterix and the Great CrosGoscinny Rene9.65ORION
9780752866376Asterix: Asterix and the Laurel WreGoscinny Rene9.65ORION
9780752847764Asterix: Asterix and the Magic CarpUderzo Albert9.65ORION
9780752866239Asterix: Asterix and the Normans: AGoscinny Rene9.65ORION
9781444011692Asterix: Asterix and the Picts: AlbFerri Jean-Yves9.65ORION
9780752866338Asterix: Asterix and the Roman AgenGoscinny Rene9.65ORION
9780752847771Asterix: Asterix and the Secret WeaUderzo Albert9.65ORION
9780752866420Asterix: Asterix and the SoothsayerGoscinny Rene9.65ORION
9780752866277Asterix: Asterix at the Olympic GamGoscinny Rene9.65ORION
9780752866505Asterix: Asterix in Belgium: AlbumGoscinny Rene
19781781620304From a Low and Quiet SeaRyan Donal14.50_____
29781785763656Tattooist of AuschwitzMorris Heather14.50_____
39780008234164Woman in the Window The: The MostFinn A. J.14.50_____
49781787330788Dead Men's TrousersWelsh Irvine14.50_____
59781471165009Anatomy of a Scandal: The brilliantVaughan Sarah14.50_____
69780857525345From a Low and Quiet Sea HBRyan Donal14.50_____
79781848405486Long Gaze BackGleeson Sinead12.95_____
89780008172145Eleanor Oliphant is Completely FineHoneyman Gail9.99_____
99781509840076Pearl Sister TheRiley Lucinda8.99_____
109781783784172Cow Book The: A Story of Life on aConnell John14.50_____
119781785371776Adoption Machine Ireland's Mother &Redmond Paul Jude16.99_____
129781473660052Letters to My DaughtersHannigan Emma14.99_____
139780241337011Enlightenment Now: A Manifesto forPinker Steven16.50_____
149781844884209Karl Henry's Healthy Living HandbooHenry Karl16.50_____
159781847179579Make The Home You Love: The CompletMcPhillips Fiona24.99_____
169781784298852Almost LoveO'Neill Louise16.50_____
179780008248819Ireland The BestMckenna John17.99_____
189781408711019Force of NatureHarper Jane14.99_____
199781784704919Midwinter BreakMacLaverty Bernard9.99_____
209781786050502Debating the Eighth: Repeal or RetaO'Riordan Conor17.00_____
219781847179593Hell or Some Worse Place: Kinsale 1Ekin Des12.99_____
229781786330529EducatedWestover Tara16.50_____
239780753729205Lady Gregory's Complete Irish MythoYeats W.B6.99_____
249781471175374Tiger WoodsBenedict Jeff16.50_____
259780755390977Tin ManWinman Sarah9.50_____
269780571333134Conversations with FriendsRooney Sally9.99_____
279781781176016Martin McGuiness The Man I KnewCollins Jude14.99_____
289780241300657Skin in the GameTaleb Nassim Nicholas16.50_____
299780099558781Gentleman in Moscow ATowles Amor9.99_____
309781408709726Little Fires EverywhereNg Celeste14.99_____
319780954354428Irish FamineSeekamp5.99_____
329781846045110Choice The: Embrace the PossibleEger Edith14.50_____
339781786495259Call Me By Your NameAciman Andre11.05_____
349781472244994Immortalists TheBenjamin Chloe17.50_____
359781906539641LevitationO'Reilly Sean12.95_____
369781473641938Woman in the WoodsConnolly John17.50_____
379781447286004Great Alone TheHannah Kristin15.50_____
389781784161002Heart's Invisible Furies TheBoyne John9.99_____
399781780898438Innocent WifeLloyd Amy11.50_____
409781844884056Our Secrets and LiesMoriarty Sinead14.50_____
419781473664968Adventures of a Young NaturalistAttenborough David10.50_____
429781848893375Great Cover-upMurphy G19.99_____
439780992736439Irish Womens' Quotations BookRussell Jane4.99_____
449781426218460Psychobiotic Revolution TheAnderson Scott C.19.99_____
459780717179701Tony Ten Incredible True Story of tO'Reilly Tony16.99_____
469780717175536Oh My God What a Complete Aisling!McLysaght & Breen14.99_____
479782361951771Secret Dublin - An Unusual GuideConghaile Pol O.17.20_____
489781846045738Sun Does ShineHinton Anthony Ray14.50_____
499781780747217UnitHolmqvist Ninni11.05_____
509781472235350What Happened That NightO'Flanagan Sheila9.50_____
519781473618640Burial Hour The: Lincoln Rhyme BooDeaver Jeffery9.50_____
529781847178350Ireland's Beautiful NorthKearney Dominic13.99_____
539781848893368Ireland's Wild Atlantic WayNackman N17.99_____
549780718186586Scandal The: Published in the U.S.Backman Fredrik15.95_____
559781907184765Whisky: A Very Peculiar HistoryMacDonald Fiona9.80_____
569781444786620Punishment She Deserves The: An InGeorge Elizabeth17.50_____
579780099590088Sapiens: A Brief History of HumankiHarari Yuval Noah12.30_____
589780992817084VertigoWalsh Joanna10.00_____
599780008245597With the End in MindMannix Kathryn16.50_____
609780717153992Atlas of Irish HistoryDuffy Sean16.99_____
619780007349517Collins Complete Irish WildlifeMooney Derek22.10_____
629781473641907Game of Ghosts A: A Charlie ParkerConnolly John9.50_____
639781785763304Good FridayLa Plante Lynda8.99_____
649780718181086Kremlin's Candidate TheMatthews Jason14.99_____
659781908852410Official Road Atlas Ireland 6th EdOSI10.20_____
669781848406278One Star AwakeMeehan Andrew13.95_____
679781471165825Sun and Her FlowersKaur Rupi14.50_____
689780008237608UnmaskedLloyd Webber Andrew16.50_____
699781409153726Year That Changed Everything TheKelly Cathy14.99_____
709780008126063Cows TheO'Porter Dawn9.99_____
719781784703936Homo Deus: A Brief History of TomorHarari Yuval Noah12.30_____
729780717170982By Time is Everything RevealedO'Nuallain Fiann12.99_____
739781782183358Dark Ireland Images from Another TiFitzgerald Richard24.99_____
749781471136894Drugs That Changed Our Minds TheSlater Lauren16.50_____
759780956787446Exploring Ireland's Wild Atlantic WFlanagan David22.50_____
769780007948390Fairy Tales of Ireland Ill PJ LynchYeats W B3.99_____
779780008118099Fear The: The Sensational New ThriTaylor C. L.8.99_____
789781784757632Fifty Fifty: (Harriet Blue 2)Patterson James9.50_____
799780593073452Game of Thrones: A Pop-up Guide toReinhart Matthew49.10_____
809781911215738Mermaid and Mrs Hancock TheGowar Imogen Hermes14.50_____
819781449474256Milk and HoneyKaur Rupi12.30_____
829781611855074Miss BurmaCriag Charmaine9.99_____
839780718188740Mythos: A Retelling of the Myths ofFry Stephen16.50_____
849780593076378Panic RoomGoddard Robert14.99_____
859780008194307Party The: The Most Compelling NewDay Elizabeth9.99_____
19780997895827Good Night Stories For Rebel GirlsFavilli Elena30.70_____
29780141356624Endless King Knights of the BorroweRudden Dave7.99_____
39781408884553Kid Normal and the Rogue HeroesJames Greg8.30_____
49781910945346Mr Lofa (Mr Stink)Walliams David9.95_____
59780141986005Good Night Stories for Rebel GirlsFavilli Elena24.55_____
69781910411964Rocking the System: Fearless and AmParkinson Siobhan13.50_____
79781781998694Girl Who Ate the StarsBusher Caroline8.99_____
89780717175406President's Glasses PBDonnelly Peter8.99_____
99781405288446Exact Opposite of Okay TheSteven Laura8.99_____
109781910411926Tangleweed and BrineSullivan Deirdre14.50_____
119781408855669Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecRowling J. K.9.80_____
129780545935180Adventures of Dog Man 4: Dog Man anPilkey Dav12.50_____
139780008254339Bad DadWalliams David11.99_____
149781784293208Asking For ItO'Neill Louise9.80_____
159781408855676Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzRowling J. K.9.80_____
169780008266165Here We Are: Notes for Living on PlJeffers Oliver18.40_____
179780751565362Harry Potter and the Cursed Child -Rowling J. K.9.99_____
189781408855690Harry Potter and the Order of the PRowling J. K.11.05_____
199780141376677Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Getaway (Kinney Jeff13.99_____
209781406365917Book of Feelings AMcCardie Amanda8.60_____
219781787011342LP Kids Sticker World MuseumLonely Planet7.35_____
229781406374865Three Cheers for Women!Williams Marcia14.50_____
239781407177489Tom Gates 10 Super Good Skills (AlmPichon Liz8.60_____
249781408889961Fantastically Great Women Who ChangPankhurst Kate7.35_____
259781847179975Rugby HeroesSiggins Gerard8.99_____
269781408849828You Can't Take an Elephant on the BCleveland-Peck Patricia8.60_____
279780007150342HOW TO CATCH A STARJEFFERS O8.60_____
289781408855713Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowRowling J. K.11.05_____
299781905638987Ireland.: A Very Peculiar HistoryPipe Jim9.80_____
309781447285472Busy ZooFinn Rebecca6.15_____
319781408855683Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireRowling J. K.11.05_____
329781492632917How to Catch a LeprechaunWallace Adam8.60_____
339780141377094Diary Wimpy 10 Old School PBKinney Jeff8.25_____
349780141376660Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Double Down (Kinney Jeff7.99_____
359781407182285Horrible Histories: IrelandDeary Terry8.99_____
369780007371082Billionaire BoyWalliams David8.60_____
379780008164621Midnight Gang PBWalliams David7.99_____
389781781998724Nutshell Heroes James ConnollySmith Rod4.99_____
399781408855706Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PriRowling J. K.11.05_____
409781781998779Nutshell Heroes Ten Women of 1916Nutshell4.99_____