Newsletter : March 26th, 2018

9781787300149Eight MountainsCognetti Paolo15.60RANDOM HOUSE
9781785760518First DanceLaw Catherine8.99BONNIER
9781785763304Good FridayLa Plante Lynda8.99BONNIER
9780008248161Ill WillStewart Michael14.50HARPER COLLINS
9781786482587Italian TeacherRachman Tom16.50QUERCUS
9781471156953Last Letter HomeHore Rachel14.50S&S
9781784162566Married QuartersConnaughton Shane11.50TRANSWORLD
9781611855074Miss BurmaCriag Charmaine9.99Atlantic
9781784741488OverlandRawle Graham18.10CHATTO & WINDUS
9781408709986TangerineMangan Christine16.50LITTLE BROWN
9781784296773Without a WordMcQuaile Kate9.50QUERCUS
9780008126063Cows TheO'Porter Dawn9.99HARPER COLLINS
9781846974519Fatty O'Leary's Dinner PartyMcCall Smith Alexander9.60POLYGON
9781784705978In ExtremisParks Tim10.80Vintage
9780552779456Music Shop TheJoyce Rachel10.50CORGI BOOKS
9780008194307Party The: The Most Compelling NewDay Elizabeth9.99HARPER COLLINS
9780755390977Tin ManWinman Sarah9.50HEADLINE
Irish Interest
9781473641938Woman in the WoodsConnolly John17.50HODDER
9781781620304From a Low and Quiet SeaRyan Donal14.50Transworld Ireland
9780857525345From a Low and Quiet Sea HBRyan Donal14.50Transworld
9781785371776Adoption Machine Ireland's Mother &Redmond Paul Jude16.99Merrion (IAP)
9781910820254Migration and the Making of IrelandFanning Bryan25.00UCD PRESS
9781785371608War and Revolution in the West of IMcNamara Conor16.99Merrion (IAP)
9781846826474Women and the Country House in IrelDooley Terence29.95FOUR COURTS PRESS
9781848455139Shadow QueenO'Brien Anne8.99MIRA
9781847179579Make The Home You Love: The CompletMcPhillips Fiona24.99O'BRIEN PRESS
9781781174289Irish Leprechaun StoriesMcCarthy Bairbre4.99MERCIER PRESS
9781781175552Colourful Irish PhrasesO Conghaile Micheal4.99MERCIER PRESS
9781526106384Victim in the Irish Criminal ProcesKilcommins Shane27.10MANCHESTER UP
9781781176016Martin McGuiness The Man I KnewCollins Jude14.99MERCIER PRESS
9780008248819Ireland The BestMckenna John17.99HARPER COLLINS
Crime & Thriller
9781473618640Burial Hour The: Lincoln Rhyme BooDeaver Jeffery9.50HODDER
9781405927680Cutthroat The: Isaac Bell Book 10Cussler Clive9.60PENGUIN BBC
9781473674233Family Next Door TheHepworth Sally9.50HODDER
9780008118099Fear The: The Sensational New ThriTaylor C. L.8.99HARPER COLLINS
9781784757632Fifty Fifty: (Harriet Blue 2)Patterson James9.50Vintage
9781471158971Lesson in Violence AHarper Jordan8.99S&S
9781780895284NYPD Red 5Patterson James15.50Cornerstone
9780593076378Panic RoomGoddard Robert14.99BANTAM
9781471148248Talent for Murder AWilson Andrew9.99S&S
Non Fiction
9781405927024All Our Wrong Todays: A BBC Radio 2Mastai Elan9.60PENGUIN BBC
9780007444281Assassin's FateHobb Robin9.99HARPER COLLINS
9781472213389Day of the Caesars (Eagles of the EScarrow Simon9.50Headline
9780241334409Elastic: Flexible Thinking in a ConMlodinow Leonard20.50HAMILTON (HAMISH)
9780141986104Entrepreneurial State The: DebunkiMazzucato Mariana12.00PENGUIN BOOKS
9781847924582Beyond WeirdBall Philip15.60BODLEY HEAD
9780718187842Big Bang: A Ladybird Expert Book T9.60JOSEPH (MICHAEL)
9780714875811Every Day a Word Surprises Me & OthPhaidon Editors18.00PHAIDON PRESS
9780714875958500 Self-PortraitsRideal Liz24.00PHAIDON PRESS
9781781807507Choice for Love The: Entering intoAngelis Barbara De15.65Hay House
9781473666481Paradise GardensDon Monty40.00HODDER
9781604337419101 Ways to Work with an Asshole: (Harry Lou12.05CIDER MILL PRESS
9780593075920Two Tribes: Liverpool Everton andEvans Tony22.90BANTAM
9780718184797Three Ingredient BakingRainey Sarah15.60JOSEPH (MICHAEL)
9780008222727Get It Done: My Plan Your Goal: 60Simmonds Bradley18.50HARPER COLLINS
9781472248664Live Well to 101Harper Dr Dawn21.99Headline
9781912023516Shinrin-yoku: The Japanese Way of FMiyazaki Yoshifumi14.99ASTER
9780552174022Wake Up to the Joy of YouStassinopoulos Agapi10.80CORGI BOOKS
9781911274520CorporationEnglish T J14.50BONNIER BOOKS
9780008257200South and West: From a NotebookDidion Joan9.99HARPER COLLINS
9781846045905Our FatherPope Francis11.50Rider
9780008282479C.S. Lewis' Little Book of Wisdom:Kirk Assaf Andrea9.99HARPER COLLINS
9781471136894Drugs That Changed Our Minds TheSlater Lauren16.50S&S
9780857523716Inventing Ourselves: The Secret LifBlakemore Sarah-Jayne18.10Transworld
9781444799101Fall Down Seven Times Get Up EightHigashida Naoki10.50HODDER
9781473664968Adventures of a Young NaturalistAttenborough David10.50HODDER
9781473669895Finding Sisu: In search of couragePantzar Katja19.50HODDER
9781471164989Maddie Diaries The: My StoryZiegler Maddie8.99S&S
9781471175374Tiger WoodsBenedict Jeff16.50S&S
9780008291747Rebel Prince: The Power Passion anBower Tom16.50HARPER COLLINS
9780008101077In God's Hands: The Spiritual DiariPaul II Pope St John12.50HARPER COLLINS
9780500651452How Many Kisses?Chedru Delphine9.60THAMES & HUDSON
9782733861448My First Bath Book & Toy Lily LovesMartinez S11.50AUZOU
9782733861431My First Bath Book & Toy Robin theMartinez S11.50AUZOU
9780008212766Grotlyn TheDavies Benji7.99HARPER COLLINS
9780500651551Happy Prince The: A Tale by OscarWilde Oscar8.40THAMES & HUDSON
9781444944198I'll Wait Mr Panda: Board BookAntony Steve8.45Hodder
9781784753351Magical Fantastical Fridge TheCoben Harlan9.65Vintage
9780717175406President's Glasses PBDonnelly Peter8.99GILL
9780500651490Who's the Biggest?Chedru Delphine9.60THAMES & HUDSON
9781510102965Astonishing Colour of After ThePan Emily X. R.9.50ORION CHILDRENS
9781910411971BankQuigley Emma8.99LITTLE ISLAND
9780241310120DK Reader LEGO Last JediDK6.00HAMILTON (HAMISH)
9781911490302Dara Palmer's Major DramaShevah Emma8.40CHICKEN HOUSE
9781911490296Dream On Amber (reissue)Shevah Emma8.40CHICKEN HOUSE
9780141356624Endless King Knights of the BorroweRudden Dave7.99PENGUIN BOOKS
9781784758462Jacky Ha-Ha My Life is a JokePatterson James8.30Vintage
9781407180847Lightning GirlDixon Alesha7.99SCHOLASTIC
9780008265830Rory Branagan (Detective)Clover Andrew7.99HARPER COLLINS
9781471157912Royal Rabbits of London: Escape FroMontefiore Santa7.99S&S
9781906427733Storm-WakeChristopher Lucy8.99CHICKEN HOUSE
9781910655467What Lexie DidShevah Emma8.40Chicken House
9780500293768Ancient Rome on Five Denarii a DayMatyszak Philip10.80THAMES & HUDSON
9781786069153NeuerOldfield Tom7.20JOHN BLAKE
9781787410398World of Birds AWoodgate Vicky16.50BONNIER
9780997895827Good Night Stories For Rebel GirlsFavilli Elena30.10TIMBUKTU
9781408349090Not if I Save You FirstCarter Ally9.50ORCHARD
9781407184142PAW Patrol: Wipe-Clean AlphabetScholastic6.00SCHOLASTIC
9781407184135PAW Patrol: Wipe-Clean NumbersScholastic6.00SCHOLASTIC
19781473660052Letters to My DaughtersHannigan Emma14.99_____
29781473641938Woman in the WoodsConnolly John17.50_____
39781781620304From a Low and Quiet SeaRyan Donal14.50_____
49781783784172Cow Book The: A Story of Life on aConnell John14.50_____
59780755390977Tin ManWinman Sarah9.50_____
69781444786620Punishment She Deserves The: An InGeorge Elizabeth17.50_____
79780857525345From a Low and Quiet Sea HBRyan Donal14.50_____
89781785763656Tattooist of AuschwitzMorris Heather14.50_____
99780008234164Woman in the Window The: The MostFinn A. J.14.50_____
109781784298852Almost LoveO'Neill Louise16.50_____
119780571333134Conversations with FriendsRooney Sally9.99_____
129781788542906Room Little DarkerCaldwell June8.99_____
139781408709726Little Fires EverywhereNg Celeste14.99_____
149780241337011Enlightenment Now: A Manifesto forPinker Steven16.50_____
159781784704919Midwinter BreakMacLaverty Bernard9.99_____
169780008172145Eleanor Oliphant is Completely FineHoneyman Gail9.99_____
179780552779456Music Shop TheJoyce Rachel10.50_____
189781473664968Adventures of a Young NaturalistAttenborough David10.50_____
199781848893375Great Cover-upMurphy G19.99_____
209781786330529EducatedWestover Tara16.50_____
219781408886793Home Fire: SHORTLISTED FOR THE COSTShamsie Kamila10.50_____
229781786073051GraceLynch Paul14.99_____
239781473618640Burial Hour The: Lincoln Rhyme BooDeaver Jeffery9.50_____
249781784162566Married QuartersConnaughton Shane11.50_____
259781783783656Earlie King & the Kid in Yellow ThDenton Danny14.50_____
269781786691866Motherfocloir: Dispatches from @The11.99_____
279781447286004Great Alone TheHannah Kristin15.50_____
289781848893351Move Train NourishMunnelly19.99_____
299781780895284NYPD Red 5Patterson James15.50_____
309781784757632Fifty Fifty: (Harriet Blue 2)Patterson James9.50_____
319781844884209Karl Henry's Healthy Living HandbooHenry Karl16.50_____
329781784974640Red DirtReapy E. M.8.99_____
339781471165009Anatomy of a Scandal: The brilliantVaughan Sarah14.50_____
349781509884742Secret Barrister The: Stories of tBarrister The Secret16.50_____
359780593076378Panic RoomGoddard Robert14.99_____
369781409153726Year That Changed Everything TheKelly Cathy14.99_____
379781472213389Day of the Caesars (Eagles of the EScarrow Simon9.50_____
389781509829873IthacaMcMonagle Alan9.99_____
399781846045110Choice The: Embrace the PossibleEger Edith14.50_____
409780008194307Party The: The Most Compelling NewDay Elizabeth9.99_____
419780717175536Oh My God What a Complete Aisling!McLysaght & Breen14.99_____
429781848406278One Star AwakeMeehan Andrew13.95_____
439781848893429Cork StrollsBracken G12.99_____
449780717179701Tony Ten Incredible True Story of tO'Reilly Tony16.99_____
459781405927680Cutthroat The: Isaac Bell Book 10Cussler Clive9.60_____
469780571277049Days Without EndBarry Sebastian10.50_____
47978024135163512 Rules for Life: An Antidote to CPeterson Jordan B.23.50_____
489781473646957Lost and Found Memory Identity andMontague Jules17.50_____
499780099558781Gentleman in Moscow ATowles Amor9.99_____
509781906539641LevitationO'Reilly Sean12.95_____
519781782183358Dark Ireland Images from Another TiFitzgerald Richard24.99_____
529780751564877Let Me LieMackintosh Clare14.99_____
539781943150311Selected Stories Eilis Ni DhuibhneNi Dhuibhne Eilis14.45_____
549781473642997Street Where You Live TheMeaney Roisin9.50_____
559780349142111Dry TheHarper Jane10.50_____
569780718187170Rising Sea: NUMA Files #15 The15.50_____
579781847178879Dead House The: ... The Past HoldsO'Callaghan Billy12.99_____
589781784161002Heart's Invisible Furies TheBoyne John9.99_____
599780330351690Into the WildKrakauer Jon10.85_____
609781781175378Never Give Up - Selected WritingsAdams Gerry14.99_____
619780751569308RuinMcTiernan Dervla16.50_____
629781473661707All to Live for: Fighting Cancer. FHannigan Emma15.50_____
639781999882204Disorder A Belfast NoirBrennan Gerard9.99_____
649781408878699Lost Connections: Uncovering the ReHari Johann15.60_____
659781844884056Our Secrets and LiesMoriarty Sinead14.50_____
669781471166129Red SparrowMatthews Jason8.99_____
679780008262655Times Great Irish Lives The: ObituLysaght Charles11.50_____
689781847179791Brian McDermott's Donegal TableMcDermott B19.99_____
699780552173148Couple Next Door TheLapena Shari9.60_____
709780571327232Grief is the Thing with FeathersPorter Max9.65_____
719781509843824Odd Girl Out: An Autistic Woman inJames Laura9.99_____
729781785371608War and Revolution in the West of IMcNamara Conor16.99_____
739780718187811Darkness TheJonasson Ragnar14.99_____
749781449474256Milk and HoneyKaur Rupi12.05_____
759780718188740Mythos: A Retelling of the Myths ofFry Stephen16.50_____
769781473641907Game of Ghosts A: A Charlie ParkerConnolly John9.50_____
779781408889541Seven Deaths of Evelyn HardcastleTurton Stuart14.99_____
789781472235350What Happened That NightO'Flanagan Sheila9.50_____
799780743207140At Swim Two BoysO'Neill Jamie12.05_____
809781444726213Perfect WivesHannigan Emma9.60_____
819781781175408What About Me?: Women and the CathoTighe-Mooney Sharon14.99_____
829781472248664Live Well to 101Harper Dr Dawn21.99_____
839781911215738Mermaid and Mrs Hancock TheGowar Imogen Hermes14.50_____
849780241248799Anything is PossibleStrout Elizabeth9.99_____
859781781575673Declaration of the Rights of WomenGouges Olympe De11.50_____
19780997895827Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls 2Favilli Elena30.10_____
29780744547016Train Ride TheCrebbin June9.00_____
39780230754584Hundred Decker Bus TheSmith Mike8.45_____
49781408849828You Can't Take an Elephant on the BCleveland-Peck Patricia8.45_____
59780141356624Endless King Knights of the BorroweRudden Dave7.99_____
69781788490085Mollie on the MarchCarey Anna8.99_____
79780008254339Bad DadWalliams David11.99_____
89781781998694Girl Who Ate the StarsBusher Caroline8.99_____
99781405290487Mr Mischief and the Leprechaun4.80_____
109781847178473Making of Mollie TheCarey Anna8.99_____
119781784293208Asking For ItO'Neill Louise9.65_____
129781509837335What the Ladybird Heard on HolidayDonaldson Julia7.99_____
139781407140391Dog Man Adventures of Dog ManPilkey Dav9.99_____
149780008134648Flamingo BoyMorpurgo Michael12.50_____
159781408855669Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecRowling J. K.9.65_____
169780008266165Here We Are: Notes for Living on PlJeffers Oliver16.50_____
179781843517290Where is Happy?Shanagher Louise8.00_____
189780545935180Adventures of Dog Man 4: Dog Man anPilkey Dav12.50_____
199781786064059The Rocket Cristiano RonaldoOldfield Tom7.50_____
209781509836291I'm Not Sleepy: Helping Toddlers GoCocklico Marion8.40_____
219781843517252It's Always ThereShanaher Louise8.00_____
229781408855683Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireRowling J. K.10.85_____
239781784758462Jacky Ha-Ha My Life is a JokePatterson James8.30_____
249781784753351Magical Fantastical Fridge TheCoben Harlan9.65_____
259780141376677Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Getaway (Kinney Jeff13.99_____
269780007371464Gangsta GrannyWalliams David8.45_____
279780008183424Grandpa's Great EscapeWalliams David8.45_____
289781408855652Harry Potter and the Philosopher'sRowling J. K.9.65_____
299781408855676Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzRowling J. K.9.65_____
309780857561084La Belle Sauvage: The Book of DustPullman Philip15.99_____
319781509836314No More Nappies: A Potty-Training BCocklico Marion8.40_____
329781907411755Land of Stories Wishing SpellColfer Chris9.65_____
339781843517351Look Who's HereShanagher & Finerty8.00_____
349780008164621Midnight Gang PBWalliams David7.99_____
359780141354224Diary of A Wimpy Kid 9 Long HaulKinney Jeff8.25_____
369780007279067Mr StinkWalliams David8.45_____
379780552574778Auggie & Me: Three Wonder StoriesPalacio R. J.9.65_____
389781910411964Rocking the System: Fearless and AmParkinson Siobhan13.50_____
399781408855690Harry Potter and the Order of the PRowling J. K.10.85_____
409780141376660Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Double Down (Kinney Jeff7.99_____