Newsletter : January 29th, 2018

9780571301645Don't Skip Out on MeVlautin Willy16.50FABER & FABER
9781785764455Eyes Like MineKamal Sheena8.99BONNIER
9781409175889FearKurbjuweit Dirk14.99ORION
9781472241894FeedWindo Nick Clark17.50Headline
9781784755607Hiding in Plain SightLewis Susan8.99Vintage
9781409147558Late ShowConnelly Michael9.50ORION
9781785763724NucleusClements Rory14.50BONNIER
9781784293451One Bad TurnCrowley Sinead9.50QUERCUS
9781409170662ThirteenCavanagh Steve16.50ORION
9780751563207All That She Can See: Every littleFletcher Carrie Hope9.50WARNER
9781473661714Baby. Boom: From the award winningWallen Helen9.50HODDER
9781473625389Crimes of the FatherKeneally Thomas10.50HODDER
9781474604697Edith & Oliver: A Sunday Times MustForbes Michele10.50WEIDENFELD
9780008172145Eleanor Oliphant is Completely FineHoneyman Gail9.99HARPER COLLINS
9780008204891Reservoir 13: Longlisted for the MaMcGregor Jon9.99HARPER COLLINS
9780008192266Secret Lives of the Amir Sisters THussain Nadiya8.99HARPER COLLINS
9781473663084Walking WoundedLlewellyn Sheila17.50HODDER
9781409169062We All Begin As StrangersCummings Harriet9.50ORION
9780751561487Zanzibar Wife TheRodriguez Deborah9.50WARNER
9781780896090Believe In MeLewis Susan11.50Cornerstone
9781785037610Girl in The Tower TheArden Katherine15.65EBURY
9780008196929Three Things About ElsieCannon Joanna14.50HARPER COLLINS
9780008243760Devil's Highway TheNorminton Gregory12.50HARPER COLLINS
Irish Interest
9781781620212Coroner's Daughter TheHughes Andrew9.99Transworld Ireland
9780717180462Chester Beatty Library Book of DaysChester Beatty19.99GILL
9780862789312Best of Irish Meat RecipesWhite Lennon Biddy7.95O'BRIEN PRESS
9780750984232Dublin Folk Tales for ChildrenMcGovern Orla12.99HISTORY PRESS IRELAND
9780349007540Molly Keane: A LifePhipps Sally11.50ABACUS
Non Fiction
9780575090590Elysium FireReynolds Alastair17.50GOLLANCZ (VICTOR)
9781784754792Ready Player One Fim Tie InCline Ernest9.99Vintage
9780008208158Cottingley Secret TheGaynor Hazel8.99HARPER COLLINS
9781471157738FaithfulHoffman Alice9.99S&S
9780500239810Chronology of Art A: A Timeline ofZaczek Iain24.00THAMES & HUDSON
9780224102513VoicesColeman Nick22.90CAPE (JONATHAN)
9781781807033Power of Love The: Connecting to tVan Praagh James10.85Hay House
9781785943249Classic : Delicious no-fuss recipeBerry Mary28.99BBC
9781785036637Eat Happy: 30-minute Feelgood FoodHemsley Melissa23.50EBURY
9780718183967Shed The: How to Manage Your MindMilne Rowe Sara15.60JOSEPH (MICHAEL)
9781910701416Rough Patch The: Midlife and the AMarneffe Daphne De15.60ARROW/VINTAGE
9780241980439Cartel TheBreen Stephen9.99HAMILTON (HAMISH)
978000829229415:17 to Paris The: The True StorySadler Anthony9.99HARPER COLLINS
9780349142272Hope More Powerful than the Sea AFleming Melissa11.50ABACUS
9780813064727Ulysses UnboundKileen34.90FLORIDA UNIVERSITY PRESS
9780241336496How Democracies DieLevitsky & Ziblatt16.50HAMILTON (HAMISH)
9780500293744Women of the RajMacMillan Margaret12.00THAMES & HUDSON
9780550104724Lost Crafts: Rediscovering TraditioMcGovern Una18.10CHAMBERS W & R
9781501174162It's Even Worse Than You Think: WhaJohnston David Cay21.99S & S
9780753552230Black EdgeKolhatkar Sheelah12.05VIRGIN PUBLISHING
9781471138553Greatest Story Ever Told...So FarKrauss Lawrence11.50S&S
9780393355697Alps The: A Human History from HanO'Shea Stephen15.60NORTON (W.W.)
9781473654099Walking the AmericasWood Levison12.05HODDER
9781780337876Brief Guide to Native American MythSpence Lewis10.80Constable
9781473635760In Pursuit of Memory: The Fight AgaJebelli Joseph14.99HODDER
9781912023387Unexpected Joy of Being Sober The:Gray Catherine10.80ASTER
9781682191040Candidate Jeremy Corbyn's PathNunns Alex13.20OR
9780241294734How to be Human: the ManualWax Ruby14.50HAMILTON (HAMISH)
9780356510811Senlin Ascends: Book One of the BooBancroft Josiah10.50ORBIT
Crime & Thriller
9781785034046Final GirlsSager Riley9.65EBURY
9781409175421Guilty Wife The: A thrilling psychCroft Elle9.50ORION
9781783963751Killer IntentKent Tony14.50ELLIOTT & THOMPSON
9781473621558Legacy TheSigurdardottir Yrsa9.50HODDER
9780593079607Need To KnowCleveland Karen14.50BANTAM
9780008229481Once A PilgrimDeegan James14.50HARPER COLLINS
9780349141336Want You GoneBrookmyre Chris9.50ABACUS
9780008234164Woman in the Window The: The MostFinn A. J.14.50HARPER COLLINS
9781910931714Milkshakes and MorphineFox Genevieve18.05Vintage
9780593079508In Shock: From Doctor to Patient -Awdish Dr. Rana14.50BANTAM
9781471160813Flesh and Blood: A History of My FaMcGann Stephen9.99S&S
9781472242587New Girl: a TRANS Girl Tells it LikStyles Rhyannon11.50Headline
9781338139693Garmadon's Guide to World DominatioRusu Meredith7.20SCHOLASTIC
9781408883686My Trip to the Supermarket ActivityMeredith Samantha6.00BLOOMSBURY
9781788000963I Love You Little OneSurplice Holly8.45NOSY CROW
9781407172934SpyderCarr Matt7.99SCHOLASTIC
9781788490115Danny Brown and His Daft DogBrady Dawson Brianog6.99O'BRIEN PRESS
9781788490108Danny Brown and the Big SurpriseBrady Dawson Brianog6.99O'BRIEN PRESS
9781781127575Second Best FriendPratt Non8.99Barrington Stoke
9781781127735Wartman: 4u2readMorpurgo Michael7.20Barrington Stoke
9781781127520Who's a Big Bully Then?Morpurgo Michael7.20Barrington Stoke
9781910002780Battle of the BeetlesLeonard M.G.7.99CHICKEN HOUSE
9780141376660Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Double Down (Kinney Jeff7.99PENGUIN BOOKS
9781408352144Official Pokemon Fiction: The WinnePokemon6.05ORCHARD
9781408344705Starlight Glimmer and the Magical SBerrow G. M.6.05ORCHARD
9781911077824Things I'm Seeing Without YouBognanni Peter9.60CHICKEN HOUSE
9781407185118TwisterForrest Juliette7.99SCHOLASTIC
9780008125165PerfectAhern Cecelia8.99HARPER COLLINS
9780141365961WaR: Wizards and Robotswill.i.am13.50PENGUIN BOOKS
9781338214970LEGO ScienceArlon Penelope14.50SCHOLASTIC
9781911077657TinKenny Padraig7.99CHICKEN HOUSE
9780713665123Black's Writing DictionaryHulme T.J.10.85A & C Black
9780141357850Charlie and the Great Glass ElevatoDahl Roald12.05PENGUIN BOOKS
9780141357874Danny the Champion of the World (cDahl Roald12.05PENGUIN BOOKS
9780241330401Peter Rabbit The Movie: Sticker ActPotter Beatrix4.80HAMILTON (HAMISH)
9780241330722Peter Rabbit The Movie: The Story oPotter Beatrix7.25HAMILTON (HAMISH)
19781408711392Fire and FuryWolff Michael17.50_____
29780008172145Eleanor Oliphant is Completely FineHoneyman Gail9.99_____
39780571301645Don't Skip Out on MeVlautin Willy16.50_____
49780718183196Still MeMoyes Jojo16.50_____
59781409147558Late ShowConnelly Michael9.50_____
69780008234164Woman in the Window The: The MostFinn A. J.14.50_____
79781784754792Ready Player One Fim Tie InCline Ernest9.99_____
89780008204891Reservoir 13: Longlisted for the MaMcGregor Jon9.99_____
99780718188696How it Works: The Brother (LadybirdMorris Jason8.99_____
109781408878699Lost Connections: Uncovering the ReHari Johann15.60_____
119781784704919Midwinter BreakMacLaverty Bernard9.99_____
129780241303559Four Pillar Plan The: How to RelaxChatterjee Dr. Rangan18.50_____
139781910248270Father Browne's Titanic AlbumO'Donnell E.E.19.99_____
149781784161002Heart's Invisible Furies TheBoyne John9.99_____
159780717175536Oh My God What a Complete Aisling!McLysaght & Breen14.99_____
169781408709726Little Fires EverywhereNg Celeste14.99_____
179781780896090Believe In MeLewis Susan11.50_____
189781785943249Classic : Delicious no-fuss recipeBerry Mary28.99_____
199780099558781Gentleman in Moscow ATowles Amor9.99_____
209781784755607Hiding in Plain SightLewis Susan8.99_____
219781473625389Crimes of the FatherKeneally Thomas10.50_____
229781911600282Baby SnatchersCreighton Mary8.99_____
239781846045110Choice The: Embrace the PossibleEger Edith14.50_____
249781911215738Mermaid and Mrs Hancock TheGowar Imogen Hermes14.50_____
259781786495259Call Me By Your NameAciman Andre10.80_____
269781844884025Cartel TheBreen Stephen17.00_____
279781471138553Greatest Story Ever Told...So FarKrauss Lawrence11.50_____
289780717175567Organised Simple Ways to DeclutterReynolds Sarah16.99_____
299781472150882Manhattan BeachEgan Jennifer17.50_____
309781785763656Tattooist of AuschwitzMorris Heather14.50_____
319781786488398Confession The: The most hotly-antSpain Jo14.99_____
329780718187569Me. You. A DiaryFrench Dawn21.99_____
339781847176448Short History of the Troubles AFeeney Brian8.99_____
349781509844951Recovery: Freedom from Your AddiBrand Russell15.99_____
359781473646568Iron Gold: Iron Gold 1Brown Pierce16.50_____
369780141986005Good Night Stories for Rebel GirlsFavilli Elena24.10_____
379780717173570Slow at WorkMcElwain Aoife12.99_____
389781474605540Child FinderDenfield Rene14.99_____
3997807181877295 Ingredients - Quick & Easy FoodOliver Jamie28.99_____
409780330519021RoomDonoghue Emma9.99_____
419780552173148Couple Next Door TheLapena Shari9.60_____
429780857056429Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye: CLagercrantz David16.50_____
439780593078174Midnight Line The: (Jack Reacher 2Child Lee15.99_____
449780571338849Long Way From HomeCarey Peter14.50_____
459780241980439Cartel TheBreen Stephen9.99_____
469781784706746McMafia Tv Tie InGlenny Misha10.50_____
479781783783656Earlie King & the Kid in Yellow ThDenton Danny14.50_____
489781509808557Stolen Marriage TheChamberlain Diane8.99_____
499781509800414Fall From GraceSteel Danielle15.50_____
509781786691866Motherfocloir: Dispatches from @The11.99_____
519781786484109Get Your Shit TogetherKnight Sarah15.60_____
529781780898438Innocent WifeLloyd Amy11.50_____
539780753729205Lady Gregory's Complete Irish MythoYeats W.B6.99_____
549781847305251Walking on the Pastures of WonderO'Donohue John16.99_____
559780008245597With the End in MindMannix Kathryn16.50_____
569781473663749Camino IslandGrisham John9.50_____
579781405920339Can You Keep A Secret?Perry Karen8.99_____
589780008202651Story of Our Lives TheWarner Helen14.50_____
599780552172455Child TheBarton Fiona8.99_____
609780717179572Every Day Matters Diary 2018Wynne Abby10.56_____
619781784741471I Found My TribeFitzmaurice Ruth14.50_____
629780751572186Missing OnesGibney Patricia12.50_____
639780857503770No Middle Name: The Complete CollecChild Lee8.99_____
649781848405776Therapy HouseParsons Julie13.95_____
659780241962657Making Sense of the TroublesMcKittrick David18.05_____
669781509851164Pearl Sister TheRiley Lucinda15.50_____
679781509836079Lean in 15: Fat Loss PlanWicks Joe18.50_____
689780007425716CoreBrett Peter V14.50_____
699780349142111Dry TheHarper Jane10.50_____
709780008209193In the Days of Rain: Shortlisted foStott Rebecca12.00_____
719781449474256Milk and HoneyKaur Rupi12.05_____
729780099560432Ready Player OneCline Ernest10.85_____
739781447278368Seagull TheCleeves Ann8.99_____
749781787470422You Do YouKnight Sarah14.99_____
759781471162848All By Myself AloneClark Mary Higgins8.99_____
769781846149696Buddhist Monk's Guide to a Clean HoMatsumoto Keisuke6.05_____
779781908997722Clontarf Irish Historic Towns AtlasLennon Colm30.00_____
789781785036637Eat Happy: 30-minute Feelgood FoodHemsley Melissa23.50_____
799780007356348AmericanahAdichie Chimamanda Ngozi9.99_____
809780717153992Atlas of Irish HistoryDuffy Sean16.99_____
819781782183471Brian D'Arcy Gold Collection PBD'Arcy Brian14.99_____
829780091959203MunichHarris Robert14.99_____
839780718188740Mythos: A Retelling of the Myths ofFry Stephen16.50_____
849780007449231Paperboy: An Enchanting True StoryMacaulay Tony10.85_____
859780715652855RainsongsHubbard Sue12.50_____
19780008125165PerfectAhern Cecelia8.99
29781847179210Making MillionsMcGann Erika7.99
39780008254339Bad DadWalliams David11.99
49781471407031Cruel PrinceBlack Holly14.50
59781911077657TinKenny Padraig7.99
69780008266165Here We Are: Notes for Living on PlJeffers Oliver16.50
79781405283038Mr Men Adventure with Dinosaurs7.25
89780141376677Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Getaway (Kinney Jeff13.99
99780857561084La Belle Sauvage: The Book of DustPullman Philip15.99
109780857633941There's a Bear on My ChairCollins Ross8.45
119781408885284Explorer TheRundell Katherine8.99
129781510104389Nevermoor Trials of Morrigan CrowTownsend Jessica11.50
139780008159498Carve the MarkRoth Veronica8.99
149781509862542Detective Dog TheDonaldson Julia7.99
159781408334010Ten Little DinosaursBrownlow Mike8.45
169780761147633Gallop!Seder Rufus Butler12.05
179780008183424Grandpa's Great EscapeWalliams David8.45
189780709724353Jungle Book Pop Up BookBrown Watson3.50
199781780554983Learn to Write ABC: Just Follow theMeyers Nancy7.25
209781407178998Beyond the Sky: You and the UniversO' Briain Dara15.60
219781408855683Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireRowling J. K.10.85
229780141354828Charlotte's WebWhite E. B.8.25
239780007371082Billionaire BoyWalliams David8.45
249781408876985Fantastically Great Women Who ChangPankhurst Kate8.45
259781406361803Monster Calls Classic EditionNess Patrick9.65
269781406360035Shh! We Have a PlanHaughton Chris8.45
279781407170763ZogDonaldson Julia8.45
289781407186795Tom Gates: Family Friends and FurrPichon Liz7.99
299780141324913Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 2 Rodrick RuleKinney Jeff8.25
309780141365459James and the Giant PeachDahl Roald8.40
319781847177384Moon Spun Round The: W. B. Yeats fYeats W. B.19.99
329781444921717Rabbit and Bear Pest in the NestGough Julian7.25
339780751565362Harry Potter and the Cursed Child -Rowling J. K.9.50
349780141340821Diary Wimpy Kid 5 Ugly Truth TheKinney Jeff8.25
359780709724346Snow White Pop Up BookBrown Watson3.50
369780141365404Magic Finger TheDahl Roald7.25
379780141324920Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3 Last StrawKinney Jeff8.25
389780141324906Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 1Kinney Jeff8.25
399780141355481Diary of a Wimpy Kid 8 Hard LuckKinney Jeff8.25
409780709724360Little Red Riding Hood Pop UpBrown Watson3.50