Newsletter : October 31st, 2017

9781787460263Family LawyerPatterson James8.99RANDOM
9781784704179Blue DogBernieres Louis de9.65Vintage
9781784707446Field Guide to the North American FHallberg Garth Risk15.65Vintage
9781471142871Halo: Broken CircleShirley John9.60S&S
9780857524195Travelling Cat Chronicles TheArikawa Hiro10.80Transworld
9781785151521Uncommon Type: Some StoriesHanks Tom15.50ARROW/VINTAGE
9780356504292Babylon's AshesCorey James S. A.10.50ORBIT
9780263931396Christmas In The Snow: Taming NatasRoberts Nora8.99HARPER COLLINS
Crime & Thriller
9781786090201Dying Game TheAvdic Asa9.65RANDOM HOUSE
9781780895161People vs. Alex Cross The: (Alex CPatterson James15.50Cornerstone
9781473616967Rooster BarGrisham John23.50HODDER
9781409147572Two Kinds of TruthConnelly Michael17.50ORION
Irish Interest/Irish Published
9780717178872Gospel According to BlindboyBlindboy Boatclub17.99GILL
9781784287702Fairy & Folk Tales of Ireland SlipcYeats W.B.18.05ARCTURUS
9780765378224Irish Doctor in Love and at Sea AnTaylor Patrick9.65TOR
9781846826542Irish MediaHorgan & Flynn24.95FOUR COURTS PRESS
9781904288671NGI Calendar 2018 Firm SaleNational Gallery9.76NATIONAL GALLERY
9781848893320Man on the Bridge 2 More PhotosDeeney Ciaran24.99COLLINS PRESS
9780717175512Irishisms Blather Blarney BlessingMoore Ronan10.99GILL
9781781174814Art of HurlingWhelan Daire16.99MERCIER PRESS
9781909245501Green Shoots Irish Football HistoriWalker Michael24.99DE COUBERTIN
9780717179251Rory's Stories Guide to the GAA SeaO'Connor Rory12.99GILL
9781527211223Mixing Bowl Second Helpings Firm SaleOur Ladies' Hospice15.00COLOURPOINT
9780717179107Neven Maguire's Perfect Irish ChrisMaguire Neven19.99GILL
9780992690878Oyster GastronomyUi Chomain Mairin15.00GILL & MACMILLAN
9780717175475Namaland Inside Story of Ireland'sConnolly Frank16.99GILL
9780717179534In America Tales from Trump CountryPerry Caitriona19.99GILL
9781910335666What Do You Think of That?: My AutoDonaghy Kieran9.99TRINITY MIRROR
9781848893245Striking Back Untold Story of AntiManning Mary14.99COLLINS PRESS
9780198810438Law & Politics of Brexit TheFabbrini Federico36.15OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS
9781785922992Dyslexia is My SuperpowerRooke Margaret15.65JESSICA KINGSLEY
9781785041112Practical Thinking: Four Ways to beDe Bono Edward10.85EBURY
9781782438205Accidental Apostrophe The: ... AndTaggart Caroline12.05O'Mara
9781849049092Go Back to Where You Came from: ThePolakow-Suransky Sasha21.70Hurst
9781910931318RobinMoss Stephen13.20Vintage
9780753548660I Can't BreatheTaibbi Matt15.65VIRGIN PUBLISHING
9780349416045F*cked: Being Sexually ExplorativeFisher Corinne14.99ABACUS
Art & Photography
9781594749896Cinemaps: An Atlas of 35 Great MoviDeGraff Andrew30.10QUIRK BOOKS
9780500293201Screenprinting: The Ultimate StudioPrint Club London30.05THAMES & HUDSON
9780714875132Annie Leibovitz: Portraits 2005-201Leibovitz Annie83.99PHAIDON PRESS
9783791383767Magnum Atlas: Around the World in 3Magnum Photos27.10PRESTEL VERLAG
9781786578921Lonely Planet Best Ever Photography7.20LONELY PLANET
9781788400275Sex Pistols The Bollocks Diaries BoSex Pistols28.99CASSELL
9781780979304Stats Records & Rock 'N' RollTatarsky Daniel30.10Carlton
9781781809068Dragon Oracle CardsCooper Diana14.00Hay House
9780762462537Far Far Better Thing to DoHerr Joelle11.50RUNNING PRESS
9781910552650Making Winter: A Creative Guide forMitchell Emma18.05LOM ART
House & Home
9781786696472Little Book of Building Fires The:Coulthard Sally11.50HEAD OF ZEUS
9780500519578Mid-Century Modern at Home: A Room-Hillier D. C.18.00THAMES & HUDSON
9780500519561Scandinavian Style at Home: A Room-Torp Allan18.00THAMES & HUDSON
9781785211409Haynes Modern Man Every Man's GuideHaynes22.90HAYNES
9781853759994Fake News Facts Always Trump TruthHaskins Mike11.50PRION
9781847948199Book of the Year TheNo Such Thing As A Fish15.65RANDOM HOUSE
9780753548165Diary of Two Nobodies TheWood Mary18.05VIRGIN PUBLISHING
9781780898261Homer's Odyssey: An Embiggened SimpFour Finger Discount15.65Cornerstone
9783740800307111 Places in Iceland That You ShouOidtmann Kai14.45ACC
9781523501731Atlas Obscurs Explorer's JournalFoer Joshua18.05MELIA
9781784702359Home and Away: Writing the BeautifuKnausgaard Karl Ove12.05Vintage
9781780895598Illustrated History of Football: HaSquires David18.05Cornerstone
9781780979953World Football InfographicsBesley Adrian30.10Carlton
9781780897660Art of Fire The: The Joy of TinderHume Daniel24.10Cornerstone
Food & Drink
9781785037269Downtime: Deliciousness at HomeRedzepi Nadine Levy32.55EBURY
9781911600411Tanya's ChristmasBurr Tanya18.50BONNIER
9781787130906Modern Kitchen The: Objects that cHayward Tim23.50QUADRILLE
9781787130128Roasting Tray Magic: One Tin One MQuinn Sue17.50QUADRILLE
9781786694430Story of The Great British Bake OffSingh Anita21.99HEAD OF ZEUS
9781509858125East by West: Simple Ayurvedic ReciHemsley Jasmine27.99MACMILLAN
9781784881375Doctor's Orders: Over 50 InventiveEdwards Chris15.65Hardie Grant
9781785301353Artful Eating: The Psychology of LaMelvin Karina18.50BLACK & WHITE
Literature & Poetry
9781911130345Literary WonderlandsMiller Laura30.10MODERN BOOKS
9781509848195Pablo Picasso's NoelDuffy Carol Ann9.65MACMILLAN
9781911253297Sidelines Selected ProseLongley Michael36.10ENITAHRMON PRESS
9781786693259To Read AloudDimitri Francesco16.50HEAD OF ZEUS
9780712352253Book of Book Lists A: A BibliophilJohnson Alex9.65BRIT LIBRARY
9780674066311Uncensored Picture of Dorian GrayWilde Oscar14.40HARVARD UNIVERSITY PRESS
Auto/biography & Memoir
9781782438854Ariana Unauthorised BiographyWhite Danny14.99O'Mara
9781786632999CorbynSeymour Richard12.05VERSO
9780349006345Outsiders: Five Women Writers Who CGordon Lyndall17.50ABACUS
9780008239213UnqualifiedFaris Anna16.50HARPER COLLINS
9781785942785UnseenYates Reggie22.90BBC
9780593071083How to Stay Alive: The Ultimate SurGrylls Bear17.50BANTAM
9781786489272At the Stranger's GateGopnik Adam17.50QUERCUS
9781783524167Notes From the SofaBriggs Raymond10.85UNBOUND
9781509841585Panther In My Kitchen The: My WildBlessed Brian24.10MACMILLAN
9781910701652Winter: (Seasons Quartet 2)Knausgaard Karl Ove19.50ARROW/VINTAGE
9780190614515Sacred Willow The: Four GenerationElliott Mai18.05OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS
9780857524843Young Hitler: The Making of the FuhHam Paul15.65Transworld
9781409157724Brave New WorldBalague Guillem17.50ORION
Aut/Biography: The Arts
9781472125873Homeward Bound: The Life of Paul SiCarlin Peter Ames14.99Corsair
9780751547443Sinatra: The ChairmanKaplan James14.99WARNER
9781509860425Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool:Turner Peter8.99MACMILLAN
9781784162054Princess Diarist TheFisher Carrie9.99TRANSWORLD
9781785036804Secrets for the Mad: Obsessions CoClark Dodie20.50EBURY
9780099510956TestimonyRobertson Robbie12.05ARROW/VINTAGE
History & Military
9781782741664Celts History & Legacy of One ofDoughtery Martin24.10AMBER
9781911130376Codes The Science of Ciphers fromFrary Mark18.05MODERN BOOKS
9780593079836God: A Human HistoryAslan Reza16.50BANTAM
978178243856424 Hours in Ancient Rome: A Day inMatyszak Philip15.65O'Mara
9781851244683Making Medieval Manuscriptsde Hamel Christopher18.05BODLEIAN LIBRAR
9780552169158War in the West: A New History TheHolland James12.05CORGI BOOKS
9780241275795My Best-Ever Pop-Up Noisy Train BooDK15.65HAMILTON (HAMISH)
9789463348027My First Pop-Up On the FarmYoYo Books8.99YO YO BOOKS
9780993284779Dinosaur ExplorerWhat on Earth11.50WHAT ON EARTH
9781784938550Everybody Feels Angry!Butterfield Moira8.45QED
9781784938581Everybody Feels Happy!Butterfield Moira8.45QED
9781784938567Everybody Feels Sad!Butterfield Moira8.45QED
9781784938574Everybody Feels Scared!Butterfield Moira8.45QED
9781784938802Moo Cluck Baa! The Farm Animals aSajnani Surya10.85QED
9780241325766Snowdog TheBriggs Raymond9.65HAMILTON (HAMISH)
9781784938819Toot Toot Boom! Listen to the BanSajnani Surya10.85QED
9781911600008F2 Galaxy of Football Graphic NovelF216.50BONNIER
9781848893337Manny Man Does Revolutionary IrelanRuddy John D6.99COLLINS PRESS
9781474942744Art SkillsWatt Fiona12.05USBORNE
Childrens & Young Adult Fiction
9781408347218Monica the Marshmallow Fairy: The CMeadows Daisy6.05ORCHARD
9781784754204Pottymouth and StoopidPatterson James8.45Vintage
9781782691716DogMulligan Andy12.50PUSHKIN KIDS
9781406381320Mortal Instruments 1: City of Bones HBClare Cassandra16.50WALKER
9781910411537Star by StarWilkinson Sheena7.99LITTLE ISLAND
9780857535429Northern Lights - The Graphic NovelPullman Philip22.90Doubleday
Bargain Books Firm Sale
978071484969010 000 Years of ArtBall Larry4.99PHAIDON PRESS
9780755363193101 World Whiskies to Try Before YoBuxton Ian5.99HEADLINE
978095644151518 Greatest Irish Golf Courses SlipRoberts19.99ROBERTS
97816204026961916: Global History HBJeffrey Keith7.99Continuum
978147366787750 Economics ClassicsButler-Bowden Tom6.99HODDER
978147366783950 Philosophy ClassicsButler-Bowden Tom6.99HODDER
978147366786050 Pyschology ClassicsButler-Bowden Tom6.99HODDER
9781780652962Baa Baa Black Sheep Carry & SingRoberts3.99Make Believe Ideas
9780761168119Beer Bible TheAlworth Jeff
19781471166037Jayo: The Jason Sherlock StorySherlock Jason21.5_____
29781473616967Rooster BarGrisham John23.5_____
39780717178872Gospel According to BlindboyBlindboy Boatclub17.99_____
49781910335796Any Given SaturdayGiven Shay21.99_____
59780995479357From the Candy Store to the GaltymoCunningham. PJ14.99_____
69781848893238First Hand My Life & Irish FootballHand Eoin19.99_____
79781473623514On Tuesdays I'm a BuddhistHarding Michael15.5_____
89781408871751Lincoln in the BardoSaunders George14.99_____
99780717179107Neven Maguire's Perfect Irish ChrisMaguire Neven19.99_____
109781848272187Gooch - The AutobiographyCooper Colm21.99_____
119781844884186Half Hour HeroPurcell Roz21.99_____
129780717155866DeValera Vol 1 Rise 1882-1932McCullagh David24.99_____
139781904288671NGI Calendar 2018National Gallery9.76_____
149780717175529Francis Brennan's Book of HouseholdBrennan Francis16.99_____
159780008195939Eleanor Oliphant is Completely FineHoneyman Gail14.5_____
169780717179138ChoiceMcMahon Philly19.99_____
179781846045110Choice The: Embrace the PossibleEger Edith14.5_____
189781785151521Uncommon Type: Some StoriesHanks Tom15.5_____
199780091959203MunichHarris Robert14.99_____
209781910335666What Do You Think of That?: My AutoDonaghy Kieran9.99_____
219780753556122Finding My Virginity: The New AutobBranson Sir Richard16.5_____
229781782183396Reasons the Irish Church Must DieMcDonald Joe12.99_____
239781781174814Art of HurlingWhelan Daire16.99_____
249780717179480Dog TalesHayes Andrea16.99_____
259781785301360Simply Simon's: The Diner CookbookDelaney Simon18.5_____
269780717175512Irishisms Blather Blarney BlessingMoore Ronan10.99_____
279780717169788M WordDunphy Maia14.99_____
289780955913396Padre Pio Irish Encounters with theKeane Colm14.99_____
299781444799491Christmas VoyagePurcell Deirdre15.5_____
309781527211223Mixing Bowl Second HelpingsOur Ladies' Hospice15_____
319780241308554Legacy of Spies ALe Carre John15.5_____
329781911600350Jenson Button AutobiographyButton Jenson16.5_____
339780718179731Break TheKeyes Marian15.99_____
349781781175156Fair FacesHall John24.99_____
359780718185442Mary's Household Tips and Tricks: YBerry Mary21.99_____
369781509844951Recovery: Freedom from Your AddiBrand Russell16.5_____
379781848406247Am I am Feminist?Kenny Mary14.95_____
389780717179534In America Tales from Trump CountryPerry Caitriona19.99_____
399780993302923Winter Papers Volume 3 2017Curlew Editions40_____
409781501183324Jackie's Girl: My Life with the KenMcKeon Kathy14.5_____
419780717179466How to Deal with Poxes (on a dailyDooley Aoife10.99_____
429781847179678Living the DreamO'Donnell Daniel19.99_____
439781473665200Sleeping BeautiesKing Stephen17.5_____
449781853759994Fake News Facts Always Trump TruthHaskins Mike11.5_____
459781473662414Why Can't Everything Just Stay thePreissner Stefanie15.5_____
469780717175536Oh My God What a Complete Aisling!McLysaght & Breen14.99_____
479781848893245Striking Back Untold Story of AntiManning Mary14.99_____
489781786691866Motherfocloir: Dispatches from @The11.99_____
499780552173148Couple Next Door TheLapena Shari8.99_____
509781787330160Golden HouseRushdie Salman15.5_____
519781784741471I Found My TribeFitzmaurice Ruth14.5_____
529780717175475Namaland Inside Story of Ireland'sConnolly Frank16.99_____
539781781620083Spinning HeartRyan Donal8.99_____
549781471166945What HappenedClinton Hillary Rodham21.99_____
559780593078754Origin: (Robert Langdon Book 5)Brown Dan21.99_____
569781848893313We Bled TogetherPrice Dominic24.99_____
57978147366169150 Francis Street PhotographerBehan Suzanne20.5_____
589781847179654Home For ChristmasTaylor Alice19.99_____
599781785041754Braving the WildernessBrown Brene14.5_____
609780670919963Power TheAlderman Naomi10.5_____
619780241978016Operation TrumpsformationO'Carroll-Kelly Ross14.99_____
629781910335727Warrior's Code The: My AutobiograpTyrrell Jackie19.99_____
639780593079751American Radical: Inside the WorldElnoury Tamer14.99_____
649781408709726Little Fires EverywhereNg Celeste14.99_____
659781848893320Man on the Bridge 2 More PhotosDeeney Ciaran24.99_____
669780717179176Michael Murphy's Book of DreamsMurphy Michael14.99_____
679780241260180Mrs OsmondBanville John14.5_____
689781784704759Snowman Movie Tie InNesbo Jo8.99_____
699781910921166Get Up & Go Diary 2018Get Up & Go10_____
709781848893290Dublin Bay Nature and HistoryNairn Jeffrey & Goodbody24.99_____
719780762449828Quotable Oscar Wilde The: A CollecRunning Press4.8_____
729781473673519In My Day: Ireland Now and ThenStears Rob9.99_____
739780007425716CoreBrett Peter V14.5_____
749781406334852Girl StolenHenry April8.99_____
759781472242549Graeme Souness Football My LifeSouness Graeme17.5_____
769781509844937Sparsholt Affair TheHollinghurst Alan16.5_____
779780717175642Cook Well Eat WellO'Connell Rory24.99_____
789780141986005Good Night Stories for Rebel GirlsFavilli Elena21.7_____
799781473663633HeConnolly John16.5_____
809780241303986Ministry of Utmost Happiness TheRoy Arundhati16.5_____
819781911600497Sofa So Good!Moffatt Scarlett15.5_____
829780241251805Only Dull People Are Brilliant at BWilde Oscar1.2_____
839780717179251Rory's Stories Guide to the GAA SeaO'Connor Rory12.99_____
849780751547443Sinatra: The ChairmanKaplan James14.99_____
859781848406421Female Line New Writing by WomenAnderson Linda19.95_____
19780008254339Bad DadWalliams David11.99_____
29780857561084La Belle Sauvage: The Book of DustPullman Philip16.50_____
39780241335437Turtles All the Way DownGreen John16.50_____
49781510104389NevermooreJessica Townsend11.50_____
59781471406430My Side of the DiamondGardner Sally11.50_____
69780857535542Hetty Feather's ChristmasWilson Jacqueline14.50_____
79781407178998Beyond the Sky: You and the UniversO' Briain Dara14.50_____
89780717175543Focloiropedia Journey Through the IBurke Fatti & John21.99_____
99781444939576Wizards of Once TheCowell Cressida11.50_____
109781471167751Dork Diaries: No. 12Russell Rachel Renee14.50_____
119780752266053Match Annual 2018Match8.99_____
129780385604413La Belle Sauvage: Book of Dust HBPullman Philip21.99_____
139781407168050Tom Gates #13 Epic AdventurePichon Liz14.50_____
149780717179893Pigin of Howth HB Book with CDWatkins & Suggs16.99_____
159781910411537Star by StarWilkinson Sheena7.99_____
169781509813520Moone Boy 3 Notion Potion TheMurphy Nick Vincent14.50_____
179781786068071Aguero Ultimate Football HeroesOldfield Matt7.25_____
189781405288439Official Pokemon Annual 2018 TheEgmont UK Ltd8.99_____
199781408890776Harry Potter - A Journey Through ABritish Library14.99_____
209781408890769Harry Potter - A History of Magic:British Library35.99_____
219781408855652Harry Potter and the Philosopher'sRowling J. K.9.65_____
229780141356600Knights of the Borrowed DarkRudden Dave8.45_____
239780545935210Adventures of Dog Man: A Tale of TwPilkey Dav12.50_____
249781911287766Official Man Utd Annual 2018Grange9.99_____
259781848893337Manny Man Does Revolutionary IrelanRuddy John D6.99_____
269781407174198Ugly Five TheScheffler Axel14.50_____
279780717175390President's GlassesDonnelly Peter14.99_____
289781408883792Harry Potter & Philosopher's HuffleRowling J. K.9.50_____
299781911287742Official Liverpool Annual 2018Grange9.99_____
309780008174897Bear Who Went Boo! PbWalliams David7.99_____
319781847177940Sailor Went to Sea Sea SeaWebb Sarah16.99_____
329780241309049Peppa Pig: Happy Birthday!10.50_____
339780709724735Christmas Treasury 4 Books in BoxBrown Watson5.99_____
349781906818135Adam Saves the SeasonsBennett Benji9.99_____
359781911013921Secrets of Grindlewood 5 Othelia'sBurke Jackie9.99_____
369781474942683Look and Say ChristmasBrooks Felicity3.60_____
379781785942051Match of the Day Annual 2018MOTD8.99_____
389781786064042Neymar The WizardOldfield Tom7.25_____
399780008255299Katinka's TailKerr Judith14.50_____
409781405284837MonsterGrant Michael8.99_____