Book of the Month - Non Fiction : May, 2018

My Brother Jason

By Tracey Corbett-Lynch

On 2 August 2015, Limerick father-of-two Jason Corbett was savagely beaten to death in the bedroom of his luxury North Carolina home. His killers were his wife Molly Martens and his father-in-law, Thomas Martens. In a trial that gripped both the US and Ireland, the case that the duo had acted in self-defence – though they hadn’t a scratch on them while Jason suffered horrific injuries – fell apart and they were sentenced to over 20 years in prison.

Behind the scenes, Jason’s family were locked in a desperate custody battle to bring Jason’s children back to Ireland and away from the woman who had killed their beloved father and brother. With full access to Jason’s letters, emails, keepsakes and photographs, Jason’s sister, Tracey Corbett-Lynch, reveals for the first time the full and shocking story of what Molly and Tom Martens tried to
get away with.