Book of the Month - Non Fiction : April, 2018

One-Hundred Ten Percent Legend

By Liam Hayes

When Tony Keady died suddenly in August of 2017, at just 53 years of age, a whole county mourned, and the rest of the country stopped what it was doing to say goodbye to a legend of the game of hurling.

Except Tony Keady was more than a legend.

In 1988, after leading Galway to a second All-Ireland title in succession, he was crowned the greatest hurler in Ireland. He was 25 years of age, and there was nobody like him, nobody to touch him in the maroon No.6 shirt.But four years later, and still not yet 30, after being wrongly banned for 12 months by the GAA, he was also discarded by his own county, and refused a maroon jersey the very last time he walked out onto Croke Park behind the Galway team.

The summer he died, Tony Keady sat down with Liam Hayes to tell his whole story. He felt it was time, but time tragically was not on Tony’s side.One month after he died Galway won the All-Ireland title for the first time since 1988, and 80,000 people rose from their seats in the sixth minute of the game to applaud and remember a man who was more than a legend.

Tony’s wife, Margaret and his daughter Shannon, and his three boys, Anthony, Harry and Jake, have now decided to finish telling the story of a father and a hurler who always asked those around him for ‘110%.’