Book of the Month - Fiction : March, 2017

The Inheritance

By Ally Bunbury

It wasn’t meant to be this way. When Anna Rose arrived in London to start a career in PR, she hadn’t banked on falling for the dashing and fabulously wealthy art dealer George Wyndham. While Anna and her outrageous boss, Gilda Winterbottom are ensconced elsewhere, the reticent George is confronted by an extraordinary proposal from Sofia Tamper, a ravishing Hollywood actress whose past is deeply entwined with his own. With the inheritance of his ancestral Scottish estate under threat, George must step into Sofia’s A-list celebrity world to preserve his future. From an imposing Scottish castle and a romantic Irish country house to the chic urban mayhem of London, LA, and Paris, The Inheritance is a tale of adversity, perseverance and the boundaries of true love.