Book of the Month - Alternative Best Seller : February, 2017

All Our Wrong Todays

By Elan Mastai

You know the future that people in the ’50s imagined we’d have? Flying cars,
food pills and moon bases? Well, it happened. And it’s just as great as we
hoped it would be. Except in this world, a series of heartbreaks leaves Tom
alone. So he hijacks his father’s time machine, and goes back to where it all
began – the moment when the world as we know it, and the world as Tom lives
it, parted ways, due to a ground-breaking experiment.

Only, thanks to Tom’s accidental intrusion, the experiment fails and he returns
‘home’ to find his world erased and replaced with our own 2016 – a comparable
chaotic mess. In our world, however, Tom discovers vastly improved versions of
his family, his career, and-best of all-his soulmate, Penny. So. Should he fix the
flow of history, bringing back into existence his utopian reality, or to try to forge
a new life in our messy one?