About Argosy Books

Argosy is Ireland’s only independent book wholesaler. We carry a wide range of Irish interest books and maps as well as a full range of UK published trade titles. We distribute throughout the entire island of Ireland, and also process export orders. We deal exclusively with trade accounts, and do not accept non-trade orders.

Our contact phone number is + 353 (0)1 8239500, fax + 353 (0) 1 8239599. Our general e-mail address is info@argosybooks.ie and individuals can be contacted at firstname@argosybooks.ie

From the 1930’s until the early 1960’s we were a commercial library with outlets throughout the country. With the advent of the paperback we became a book wholesaler.

Some well-known Irish authors remember our library days:

“They always brought more books than they could read, denuding the shelves of the Argosy Lending Library, owing a bit on them when they returned.”
Low Sunday 1950 – The Hill Bachelors by William Trevor, published by Penguin.

“Subscribed to Dublin postal libraries: Switzer’s was good, and the RDS was generous. Had a branch of the Argosy Library in my bookshop, so had the privilege of selecting my own titles.”
The Master by Bryan MacMahon, published by Poolbeg Press.

“In the succession of small towns where we lived she borrowed their books, in brown-paper jackets from the nuns at the convent, or from a branch of the Argosy circulating library, usually to be found at the back of a sweetshop.”
Excursions in the Real World by William Trevor, published by Hutchinson.

How to find us: We are located at Unit 12, North Park, North Road, Finglas, Dublin 11. From the city, it is the last turn on left (behind Denis Mahony) on North Road (N2) before you reach the M50 roundabout. Or coming off the M50, take the N2 (Finglas) exit towards the city. Go down to Lidl, using the rounabout, head back up the N2 and last turn left.

See map in the CONTACT US section.